General Rules & Policies

  1. All athletes playing for CGSL will play at the age appropriate level.
  2. No CGSL head coach will be approved if he or she will be absent from coaching more than one week, (scheduled absences, not emergencies) of the official game season. Games must be scheduled in the head coach's absence & the assistant coaches shall assume all responsibilities.
  3. All coaches & assistant coaches applications shall be reviewed & approved/denied by a majority vote of the CGSL Board of Trustees by dates deemed appropriate. Each team shall have a head coach & a minimum of 2 assistant coaches. Should any of the approved coaches be unable to perform their assigned responsibilities others may be appointed by the CGSL Board of Trustees at a later date following a submitted & signed Coaches Application.
  4. All CGS & league rules for each division must be followed or disciplinary action may be taken by the CGSL Board of Trustees. Rules may not be changed at the field nor can rules contradict the league rules or league mission. Division rules preempt CGS general rules. Those involved in disciplinary action will be notified of any action taken by the board.
  5. A call up player from the next division down may play if there are not 8 players available on a 8U, 10u, 12u, or 14U team. A call up player cannot miss a game for her assigned team. In some leagues the call up player must be listed on the official roster. You must have permission from CGSL division head/her parent or guardian/& her coach, & she may only be called up to one team in the division. The call up player may play only if there are no players on original roster sitting.
  6. All players shall bat in the same order (consecutive & continuous) regardless of whether they are in the line up each inning defensively. If a player should become injured or ill they may be removed from the line up without penalty. NO OUT shall occur if the player is skipped in the batting order.
  7. There shall be only one travel player permitted per team unless special permission is granted by a majority vote of the CGSL Board of Trustees.
  8. Players will remain on their previous team but must register before the official CGSL league deadline. Every attempt will be made to keep teams & players together as they move up each level. Written requests, (request space on registration form) will be honored to change teams & shall remain confidential (CGSL Board of Trustees access only). After official registration, openings on teams will be filled according to the date or issue on the applicant's registration.
  9. There is no guarantee of playing especially if you register after the official CGSL deadline. Late registration will be accepted only as needed with a $10/ player late fee.
  10. All players must be registered to play for CGSL or they are NOT permitted to play or practice. Coaches will receive copies of all player registrations for their team.
  11. Every attempt will be made by the CGSL Board of Trustees to assign at least one pitcher per fast pitch team. Pitchers will be asked but not required to move from their previous team if they register by the league deadline if a team is without an established pitcher.
  12. Each CGSL division shall have a division head. The division head shall: keep track of the win-loss records for each team, assist in setting up the league tournament, have a roster & coach's contact information for each team, have a list of call-up player/players for each team, help settle division disputes with the knowledge of the CGSL Board of Trustees, and assume other reasonable duties as deemed necessary by the CGSL Board of Trustees.
  13. Each CGSL division will attempt to participate in a league tournament before the end of the official season. The tournament may be cancelled due to inclement weather or other unforeseeable circumstances.
  14. Games will be cancelled by league officials only (not coaches) before the official start of the game, & umpires after the official start of the game. (In the case of rain or an unplayable field)
  15. CGSL Board of Trustees reserves the right to change or add to the above rules with a majority vote of the board.