3rd Annual Spring Into Action 10U Indoor Trounament Rules

·Dave Granchi (I) of the Cobras will play the role of tourney director.  I will be there for all games, will be there early to set up, and will be the final decision maker if anything happens that is questionable.

·My cell is 440-477-2043.  Call or text with any questions. 

·If you play the 6pm game, I would have your team be there at 5:30pm.  If nobody rents the field before us, we can all warm up on it.  If not, we will be able to use the instructional cage in the back to get the pitchers warmed up.  There also is a spot behind the fence in the back of field we will be playing on to use to warm up pitchers if necessary. 

·The batting cages are not reserved by us but hopefully you can use them before and between games if you want.

·All of the game schedules and results will be posted on our website:  www.cobrasfastpitch.com  Select the icon for the 3rd Annual Spring Into Action Tournament.

·The restaurant/grille will be open.  If you are going to order food, I would think about doing it in advance so it is ready when you want to eat.  They get really busy.

·We have team trophies and individual player medals for the tournament champs and runner ups. 

·The first 4 Fridays will be pool play (March 6th, 13th, 20th, and 27th).  April 3rd will be bracket play with the top 4 teams advancing to play in a single elimination tournament. Details on the website.

·Pool and Bracket games will be played at 6, 7:20, and 8:40pm.  Games will be timed and will include an announcement at 65 minutes.  At 65 minutes, we will finish the current inning and the game will end.  If the home team is batting and in the lead, the game will be over.  I switched this from 50 minutes finish the inning plus 1.  Sometimes that approach can take too long and make for a really long night.  It will be very important we have the official time documented and the new inning starts immediately after the 3rd out is recorded.  If we are at 64 minutes and the 3rd out is recorded, we will play 1 more inning.  I will try to have a game clock working to avoid any confusion on the time.  This approach will apply to pool and bracket play.  Game times are subject to change based on turf availability and 

·Pool games can end in a tie.  If bracket play game ends in a tie, we will play another inning until a winner is determined.  International tie breaker will be used which puts the last batted out at 2nd base to start the inning. 

·Pool play seeding will be determined in the following way:

  • Win-Loss record. If that is still tied, flip a coin.

    • Runs scored, then

    • Runs allowed, then

    • Head to head, (if 3 teams tie with the same record and there is not a clear head to head winner vs. both opponents, we will move to the next tie breaker) then

    • Win-Loss record.  If tied,


Game Details:

·We will use USA rules unless specifically noted below.

·Please give lineups to the other coach ASAP.  

·Each team will need to keep score.  The home team is the official score book.  In between each half inning confirm the score with your opponent.  Lost Nation has a flip board that we might be able to use for keeping track of the score.  This will be a game day decision.

·Please try to have your plan for who is playing where ahead of time so the transition between innings is as efficient as possible.  There are free substitutions on defense.  Have your Catcher ready.  Last batted out can run for your pitcher and/or catcher to try to speed up the game.  Runner for your catcher is optional.

·Each new pitcher will get 6 warm up pitches.  After that, they will get 3 per inning.  There will be no other warm ups done between innings to keep the game moving.

·With no defensive substitution rules or requirements, we will bat everyone in our lineups.  If anyone gets hurt or sick during the game and cannot bat, they would not cost the team an out.  They would be out of the current game and no longer eligible to return.  They could be in the next game lineup.

·Bases will be set at 55 feet due to limited space.  The pitching mat does move slightly as it gets used during an inning.  There will be tape down to show where the mat should be placed on the turf.  If you notice during an inning that it moves, please call time and go adjust it.  I will do my best to keep on top of that as well.  I also will have a safety base at first. 

·Batted balls that hit the side walls that are within fair ball protocol will be playable.  Any ball that hits off a wall and is caught is not an out.  It is a live play.   

·If the ball ever gets lodged in the net or any structure during an active play, each runner will get the base they were headed to plus 1.  If it is a batted ball, they would get a ground rule double.

·Batted balls that hit the ceiling will be a dead ball.  If the batter hits the ceiling 2x in the same at bat they will be out.